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Welcome to the TickerTalk Stock Market Blog. This stock  investing blog is aimed to educate and entertain through a variety of poorly written posts. Our posts will provide investors and traders with stock market tips, thoughts, analysis and general comments on the big market moving news and trends. Often reading about investing and trading topics can be rather dull, lets be honest it is often a pretty dry subject. So, our goal is to make it a bit more entertaining than the professional blogs out there. All of our blog posts about investing, trading, finance and everything else is purely our opinion it should not be taken as advice. If you are seeking advice then remember to please speak to a professional financial or investment adviser before investing or trading.

To make our stock market blog and website better we would love your feedback. Tell us what you like and what you hate so we can improve. Let us know what investment topics you would like us to research and write about. And remember to join in on the conversation by leaving a comment or jumping into our forum or chatroom. Our aim at TickerTalk is to provide a place for people to come together, learn, chat, debate and become better investors and traders. By engaging with other like-minded people we can share tips and thoughts making us all better investors and traders. So follow us on social media so you can get updates and find out when new posts are released. And of course remember all content on this blog and website are the opinions of the authors who write them. They are not intended to be financial advice, this is all just for shits and giggles. 


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